Leland Marina & Boaters Service Building

Renovation from grant application to landscaping

Abonmarche was contracted to complete a Master Plan and renovation of this facility, including the design of a 4,000 sq. ft. Boaters’ Services Building, which contains public restrooms, showers, a lounge area and a screened-in porch. The project area is adjacent to the historic Fishtown area and the building was designed architecturally to be compatible with this development. The site design integrates a complex traffic plan that can accommodate the flow of automobile traffic, trucks towing boats, as well as pedestrian traffic from downtown Leland and the adjacent Fishtown area. Construction of the facility was completed in the fall of 2009.


Leland Marina


Leland Township, MI

Additional Info

- 4,000 square foot service building - Designed to be architecturally compatible with surrounding area

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