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The Abonmarche Team

The best professional services consultants are visionaries, looking years — even decades — beyond today's world to determine what physical structures and systems will be needed, and where.  Visionaries help to create great places, and great places do great things.

At Abonmarche, our reputation is built on trust, passion, reliability, and quality.  We are committed to exceed the specific needs of each client, which has established an outstanding portfolio of referrals.  We work closely with our clients to understand what they need to accomplish and what they hope to achieve.  Then we put our expert technical and creative skills to work — and help them create a great place. 

We undertake every project with our client’s best interests in mind and truly seek to become partners during the course of the project.  Our business strategy is centered upon building long-term client relationships.  During our proud history, we have attracted and retained clients by providing superior customer value — in fact, the majority of our work is repeat business from loyal clients.

Abonmarche’s tradition of service dates back to 1979 when our company was first founded in Southwest Michigan to provide clients with surveying, civil engineering, and marina development services.  In 1984, we diversified, adding architecture, planning, and landscape architecture to our range of services.

As our client base and geographical service area expanded, Abonmarche continued to grow, opening additional offices to better meet our clients’ needs and carry on the tradition of service upon which the company was founded.  With more than 40 years of experience, Abonmarche has become a premier provider of a wide array of professional services, providing superior customer value, and improving communities for a variety of private- and public-sector clients. 

Abonmarche staff are members of professional organizations such as National Society of Professional Engineers, the American Public Works Association, and the American Society of Landscape Architects. Abonmarche is a member of WMMIAEC (West Michigan Minorities in Architecture / Engineering Consortium), whose mission is to increase the number of qualified minorities and women who are employed in the architectural, engineering and scientific professions.

Abonmarche also takes a leadership role in our communities through active volunteerism and donations to community events. Our staff is actively involved in mentoring programs at local schools, such as HOSTS, and the Boys and Girls Club, and participates in local school leadership, local government and service groups.